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Our Day Activity Opportunities - Warwick

Our Facilities

Community Café –  The People We Support have facilities to make themselves hot drinks, using our fancy coffee machine!, they can help themselves to cold drinks, squash, water etc. This is a social environment where people can sit in groups at the tables or on the coffee bar, to chat, socialise and start their day.


Multi Function Room – This room can then lend itself to discos, indoor activities and a creative space.


Changing Room – A changing room to facilitate / support anyone who require a personal space. This is equipped with a changing bed and an overhead hoist.


Kitchen – This is a purposely designed bespoke kitchen, offering access to all. We have individual work stations for up to 4 people at a time, with individually fitted hobs and equipment. The individual stations can be raised and lowered to suit preferred ways of working, they also allow access for wheelchair users to participate, ovens are also situated lower, so people can remain as independent as possible when preparing and cooking foods.


Client Bathroom – With extended frames and handles for transfers from wheelchairs, spacious environment as well.


Lift – Allowing access to both floors, not limiting wheelchair users access to activities.


IT Suite – We have an IT station, where the people we support can access the internet, to print off recipes, receive support areas such as online shopping, money management, arranging appointments or just improving general IT skills. 


Group Activities – We have a group activity table (supporting up to 6 individuals at a time) to complete in-house activities, such as arts and crafts, painting, modelling, group sessions for art etc.


Sensory Room – We have a sensory room, available everyone (this facility is available to community groups for a small fee). This is a calming and relaxing environment with sensory toys and equipment available.


Snug – We have a “snug” which allows for relaxation and communal gathering, to play games, watch TV, movie nights etc.


Our Outside Activities

Community based activities include – 


  • Confidence Skills
  • Road Awareness
  • Social Skills
  • Theatre Trips
  • Shopping
  • Trips to local Farms and Zoo
  • Swimming
  • Gym Sessions

Our Opening Hours

Our activities centre is open every day from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

We also have a number of activities that take place on an evening and over weekends such as dinner clubs, discos, trips to the theatre and many more activities that are varied on a regular basis

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