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Our Supported Living Services

Providing a bespoke supported living service for adults, allowing them to live independently in their own home.

Our Independent Supported Living service provides person-centred help and assistance, with the aim of helping those in our care to live safely and as independently as possible.

Adults are supported by a dedicated support team who support them in their own home and can provide care and support throughout the day and evening.

Supported Living

Supported living is a service that helps people with a range of support needs retain their independence whilst still having that extra physical and emotional support needed to lead completely fulfilled lives in their own homes. 

A move into supported living can be the first time someone has left their family home or taken a step towards greater independence, and so we’re here to provide friendly encouragement and emotional support to make the transition as smooth, positive and rewarding as possible.


When you choose supported living, you’re choosing to live independently, safe and secure behind your own front door. There’s peace of mind in knowing our team is on-hand, providing tailored support that helps people to lead more fulfilling lives, surrounded by like-minded people. We also provide support to families to ensure that the transition is not only smooth for the individual but also their families.


The house itself is often provided through a specialist landlord while the individual support is offered by a care provider like Avon Support.

Your Support

How we Support You

A support care packages can include help with any of the following:

  • Learning independent living skills
  • Meal planning, preparation and budgeting
  • Accessing social or leisure activities
  • Support in finding employment, education or volunteering opportunities
  • Community skills such as shopping, banking and the management of health appointments
  • Identifying and claiming benefits
  • Cultural and religious support
  • Help accessing health and social community programmes
  • Medication management
  • Specialised positive support for anxieties or behavioural presentations that challenge the individual or those around them
These are examples of the support we can provide, but each package of support is bespoke and tailored around the person, not the service


Who we Support

We support a number of people in the community, and many of the people we support may have multiple conditions such as


  • People with Autism
  • People with a Learning Disability
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • People with Mental Health support needs
  • People who may have a Physical Disability
  • People who may have a sensory problem

Our Approach

Support Plans

A support plan will include all of the details relating to an individual’s health and support needs, including any diagnosis that they may have, and the treatment required. Written in first person, a support plan is centred around the individual and their wishes, and will include important information such as their next of kin and other medical professionals involved in their care.
Support plans also give detailed information and instructions to carers, ensuring that they deliver care exactly as agreed with the customer during their initial assessment. Support plans can be altered at any time by the customer’s care manager and are always reviewed every six months.

Arranging Supported Living

If you would like to arrange supported living for yourself or a loved one, you can call us or send us an enquiry through our website or via email  

We operate on a “no obligation” basis, we are always happy to chat through options and look at ways we may be able to help.


Our Experience

Why choose Avon Support?

Avon Support have been supporting people in the Warwickshire region for over 12 years and we are proud to work with Warwickshire County Council and we are rated Good with CQC and in addition we provide

  • Bespoke Housing Solutions
  • Expert support and guidance
  • Bespoke recruitment centred around you
  • We deliver a person-centred approach that delivers support how you want it
  • A dedicated team that see you as the individual
  • Training driven by your needs and requirements
  • A health and social care team with over 50 years experience in delivering quality care and support